Global Summit 2019 - Bali!



For over fifteen years, the Global Autism Project has been working with educators, leaders, and visionaries who are working toward one, shared vision: Create a more accepting, inclusive world for people with autism. While our partners have been collaborating with our team and other professionals in the field of autism education through our SkillCorps® program, something has been missing... the opportunity to collaborate directly with each other! Global Summit was created and designed to provide a platform for cross-cultural collaboration between our International Partners, outstanding SkillCorps® Alumni, and experts from relevant fields! 

Your support of the Global Summit will connect autism education leaders from around the world, giving them the opportunity to share their work outside of their countries for the first time ever -- connecting them to other visionaries just like them. Stepping out of isolation, our partners will finally see that they are not alone in this movement for change! Thank you for investing in the future of our partners, and the vision they hold for cultivating autism acceptance in their communities.