Global Autism Project 2019 Initiatives


Our Story
Autism Knows No Borders.

There are 90 million people with autism worldwide - and 85% of them live in developing countries. In many countries around the world, the word "autism" doesn't exist in the local language. Because there is no understanding of autism, children are ostracized, hidden, and abused. At times, their families or neighbors try to "cure" them using dangerous, sometimes fatal methods.

It's a global crisis.

We're committed to ensuring people with autism are no longer victims of abuse. We're committed to making sure every child has the ability to reach their potential no matter the circumstances they were given. 

We believe this is a global crisis we can fix.

The Global Autism Project builds local capacity to provide services to individuals with autism in under-served communities worldwide.

The Global Autism Project is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the global gap in the resources and understanding of autism. We are committed to empowering communities worldwide to address the needs of individuals affected by autism through education, outreach, training, and the promotion of acceptance and compassion.

To address the lack of resources and extremely limited understanding of autism that plagues many under-served populations, we partner with autism centers established by local people. Our community empowerment model supports systemic change by providing family and community education through workshops and hands-on training.

We believe in embracing the talent and resources of the communities we serve by furnishing them with tools that engender self-reliance, sustainable development, and continued innovation. Through this comprehensive, bottom-up approach, it is our vision to build a world in which all people with autism can thrive.


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